The Company
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Warcry Entertainment Group is a company that is active in the music industry. It consists of Warcry Concerts, Warcry Studios and Warcry Management. It started out as a company that organized concerts and cultural events in the city of Larissa Greece under the name Warcry Concerts Productions and Promotions at 2002. The initial idea was to introduce to the city artists from different musical backgrounds, from jazz to heavy metal. Therefore, the company started bringing to Larissa bands from Greece and abroad such as Rotting Christ, Septic Flesh, Nightstalker Barbara Mendes, Billy Cobham, The Gathering, Dead Soul Tribe, Evergrey and others. The outcome was very encouraging as the people supported the concerts.

After five successful years, the company changed its name to Warcry Entertainment Group and is constantly improving its services in order to give to the people of Larissa bigger and better events.

Warcry Concerts aims at the improvement of the cultural life in the area by bringing world class artists to the city and at the same time give the opportunity to young musicians to introduce their music to a wide audience.